With over 17 years of experience in the electrical sector, we see the daily problems electrical technicians are faced with – some of which could be easily solved if the correct tools existed.

This is how Pro Tray was born!

A key part of electrical installations on small and large-scale projects is the fitting of Metal Cable Management Systems such as Cable Trays, and Trunking.  These cable management systems are normally fixed down to a bracketing system called uni-strut or strut channel and are fixed down using an M6 roofing bolt.

We were growing tired of seeing incomplete and untidy installs; seeing our work colleges struggle to complete certain tasks on a daily basis.  While installing thousands of these bolts daily, we would say to ourselves, “there must be an easier way.”

Through lots of research & development – the M6 Roofing bolt socket set was created. This is a specially designed socket unique to the roofing bolt only, which led to the creation of the family of tools found in our online store.

From this concept in 2015 came the prototype of the M6 and M8 Roofing bolt drivers. Now used on a daily basis for the most commonly used M6 Roofing bolt; it has been proven to be up to 5 times faster than traditional methods.

From our research carried out, 9 times out of 10, any technician installing these bolts rarely has the correct size driver to fit these bolts or they are finding themselves trying to install the bolts in some hard-to-reach places where no such driver can fit.

So, they would use makeshift tools or other products designed for use in the installation, leaving a downfall in project profits as these products would normally end up in the bin once used.

Also, not having the correct driver is leaving unstable, incomplete installations to the standards required.

With Pro Tray, technicians now have the correct tool for the task!
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